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Matthew Coppens


Matthew, commonly referred to as Copps, is the biggest out of all my friends, in both directions. He has a "lovely set of man boobs". Or so he tells me.

I first met Copps in Year 9. He was another to be in my class in our first year at the school. He used to hang around Quang Tran. This guy with an abnormally large head for his body size, which earned the nick "Big Head". Quang also had some sweating problem. Copps is currently studying at Monash University at the Caulfield campus.

Copps is half Aussie and half American. His dad being the American from Wisconsin. Copps plays baseball on the weekends and has set his sights on representing Australia in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

He is also an important member of "Thick Edge" as a great aggressive style batsmen. Not to mention his fabulous *cough cough* off spin bowling. He is apart of indoor cricket's most rare achievements. Having 9 runs taken of him in one delivery and 30 off a single over.

The current dares Copps still has yet to conquer are: Eating 12 chicken nuggets in one go and finishing a Big Mac in two bites. 

Nick: Copps, Shrek

Age: 20


Colour: None

Movie: Jackie Brown

Song: Something For Kate - Monsters