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Brendan Wright


Brendan is a typical Australian white yobbo. His worst drunken experience would have been the night by the Yarra River where the Year 12s at MHS of 2000 all partied to celebrate the last week of school. Will and I had to assist him home as he was unable to walk properly and stunk of vomit from Owen Rich's mouth.

He is allegedly enrolled at Deakin University "studying" Teaching but has plans of transferring to Physiotherapy. However, it is understandable to mistake him for not being a Uni student at all as he is he more commonly seen at Highpoint or at Nit's place.

In 2000, he entered an indoor cricket team into the Box Hill Indoor Sports Centre named "Point Blank". One year later, the name has changed to "Thick Edge" and Premiers of Division 5. The common members of the team are: Brendan, Will, Copps, Adam, Justin and myself. With other players required to fill in for any absentees.

I first met Brendan in Year 12 while playing cricket during lunch times. But we didn't actually talk or spent time together until our school exchange program to Sydney in April. We were lucky to return to our billets homes unharmed after wondering the dangerous streets of Sydney at night.

Brendan's yellow car brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Looks like this place was hit by a bomb". His driving is as safe as a broken condom. We have all managed to cheat death on numerous occasions.

2002 Summary:

He now studies at VUT in Footscray. Can't be bothered explaining why. But it's near Highpoint and Nit's place so wagging is much easier now.

Will constantly be seen with his trademark blue beaney. Likes to gamble. Barracks for the Essendon bombers which will be known as the team to play in finals if you want to win your first flag or final against. Just as the Brisbane Lions won their first Premiership against the bombers, and Port Adelaide Power won their first ever final against the Bombers after numerous of loses before. 

Nick: Legendary White Boy

Age: 19


Colour: White

Movie: Idle Hands

Song: Millencolin - Fox