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Andy Poon


Andy hates being referred to by his full name Andrew. Or was it just dislike? I can't remember...oh well. I first met him in Year 9 as we were in the same class in our first year at MHS. I was very very shy back then so I didn't really talk to him that often.

He is the friendly type of person and talkative. I remember on the train to Millgrove (our school's campsite) he came up to me and a few others, started talking to us and we played cards on the train. This is was on the second week of school so barely anyone knew anyone at that stage.

Andy is currently studying at Monash University at the Caulfield Campus. I see him a lot at Box Hill central and he has a different hair colour every time. Has an ear pierced and also his eyebrow pierced. 

He likes the Japanese anime series Evangelion, especially the character Pen pen which is the penguin in the background.

Nick: Pen Pen

Age: 19


Colour: Blue

Movie: Magnolia

Song: Ben E. King - Stand By Me