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Alan Vuong


Alan is renown of his Rubik's cube skills. He has the ability to fully complete the Rubik's cube by taking one glance at it, then twisting and turning without looking at it again. 

Alan, mostly known as Vuong or Vuongy at MHS (as there were many Alan's there), has an extensive list of achievements and was unlucky not to be on the Board Of Honour at the MHS Memorial Hall.

I first met him during the second semester of Year 11 after I switched from Business Management into Information Technology (Programming). We are now both at RMIT University studying Engineering/Computer Science.

He and numerous other former MHS students formed a soccer club known as the "Melbourne Unicorns" which plays on weekends. He also won the state Stock Market Game.

He seems to have some obsession with frogs as evident at his website. I kinda stole this background from him but he gave me authorisation to take it so don't sue me!!!

2002 Summary:

The one major change would be his hair. Got a cut so it was spiked up. Hence the new nick.

Likes to bid for stuff online, mostly printers or calculators. Makes some gadgets for his computer when he's bored. Like his memory meter which detects the amount of memory free.

Also came to my b'day but got there the hard way. Hehe. Was getting a haircut when I was going tell him bout the change of venues. He didn't get the news and had to take another 40 mins.

Talks a lot to people even if he never met them before. Such as during my b'day. Lives pretty close to Maria as well. A good person to take shopping if you're after electronic type of stuff. 

Nick: Spikey Frog

Age: 19


Colour: Green

Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Song: Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry