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Alan Ho


Alan is one of the oldest friends, as we met in Year 9.  Yes, another one. Think we shared a cabin in Year 9 camp. Currently at Melbourne University studying Commerce/Science.

He lives in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne which means he does not live near anyone in our group. So deciding who drives him home is always a hassle at the end of the day/night. Everyone has pretty much given him a lift home now, but the tradition is that Patto drives Al home.

Didn't usually come out often and when he did, usually had to leave early due to his curfew. However, his parents have been a bit more lenient these days and he comes out quite often and stays til the end of the night.

Has a younger sister in his family who is not shy at all. She's very loud, talkative and kinda annoying.

Alan is usually one of the best dressed on a night out. Dressed like he's always out to impress the Honkies. (Refer to Thien's page).

Alan is a decent guy, clean, doesn't usually think dirty like most of us. Although hanging out too much with Will, Thien, Brendan and myself have kinda corrupted him and he has made some rather crude comments. He is not dodgy, smart, and good guy to have around.

Didn't upload him last year as I didn't have a pic of him. Clearly I do now. So don't take it as a sign that I hated you or something. :P 

Nick: Panda

Age: 20


Colour: Blue

Movie: The Dish

Song: Michelle Branch - You Set Me Free