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Veronica is from Sydney and a family friend of Jo. They live very close to each other and used to see each other often when they were young. Although we haven't known each other for that long, we've gotten along great and have a lot in common.

She is kinda weird, but that's nothing unusual as she lives in Sydney. All people up there are a bit... you know. :P She is about to finish her high school studies and is doing Year 12 in 2002.

I think she is secretly practising witch craft of some sort. She's into Charmed, a TV show about these three sisters which happen to be witches and also Harry Potter. She couldn't wait to see the movie. Even read all 4 Harry Potter books. So I should be more nice incase she puts a curse on me or something.

Veronica is funny girl and very sweet person. She doesn't like giving people her details so she makes it hard for them. Which is frustrating from my end! Like getting her phone number 1 digit at a time. I even had to wait 2 days for the final number. Wouldn't tell me the suburb she lives in so had to rely on good ole Jo because they live in the same area : ).

2002 Summary:

She's finished Year 12 now. Hope she did better than she expects. Well, she's not expecting well so she better do better hehe. 

Haven't spoken to her as much this year which is a good thing as she was in Year 12. :P

As she is in Sydney, I haven't seen her at all this year so not much I can say here. :P

Nick: Miracle

Age: 17


Colour: Blue

Movie: Meet The Parents

Song: K-Ci & Jojo - All My Life