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Venetia is one of the friends I met from Uni. She is one of the few number of girls enrolled at my course, Engineering/Computer Science. She is an intelligent individual as her straight HD's suggests.

I don't really spend much time, if any, with my Uni friends outside of Uni. She was the first when we went to watch the filming  of an episode of "The Game" with her good friend from high school, Helen. For those of you that don't know, "The Game" is a or was a Australian Football Show on channel 7 hosted by the legendary Dermott Brereton.

She is into a lot of sports: soccer, cricket you name it. She and Priji went to the soccer friendly against France with me at the MCG.

2002 Summary:

I haven't spoken to her much at all this year. Due to the fact we're majoring in a different Engineering this year so we don't see each other much in classes. See each other in The Caf during breaks, but that's only like 10 seconds. As most of the time when I have a break, I'm with Maria.

She did come to my birthday so that was kinda the most we spoke in any day. She only made it to dinner as Priji, Liz and herself were busy during the day and bowling was too far away for them.

She also received an invitation to join the Golden Key International Honour society which she accepted.

Nick: Endangered

Age: 20


Colour: Blue

Movie: Empire Strikes Back

Song: None