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Ty, pronounced Tee, is one of my cousins. So that means I've known her since I can remember. We practically grew up together as our mothers are sisters and love to gossip so got together ever so often, which meant we were over each others homes quite often.

If Ty isn't at home, then expect to find her munching away at a restaurant or shopping for more clothes. What type of restaurant you ask? Well, name one and there's a big chance she was in there today. When we're in the car, she has a 6th sense which manages to spot a restaurant. Her head will automatically turn and stare at the store ignoring anything being said to her. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if Ty is drooling at this page because of the dessert pictures. She is a living restaurant directory. Ask her where a certain place is and expect directions!

Speaking of directions, Ty's sense of directions (besides directing you to restaurants) is as good as Fremantle's performance in season 2001. Besides the Hawthorn game, they were superb that day. Brisbane Lions wouldn't of beaten them. For those not into Australian Football, her directions are as good as Tori Spelling's cleavage. Ty obviously loves to swim as she was giving us directions into the ocean.

Her sense of time is also appalling. After a phone conversation, it usually ends in her saying "talk to you in 3 days". Two seconds later "ring ring".

Ok, I'll be nice now. Had enough bagging here.

Ty is a very friendly and talkative girl. She is constantly smiling and easily to get along with. She doesn't like it when people lie and has a strong thing against it. So it is rare or never that she'll lie. Except this one time she lied to me about her Ps.

As I said previously, has a big appetite but doesn't seem to put on weight. Even though we all bag her about it but she knows it's all jokes. Her body is fine. I expect money from this nice stuff Ty! Cheque is acceptable. Just make it out to Kevin Yang. 

Loves to talk as mentioned and also sing. Likes going Karaoke with friends but not as much as me! She has tendencies to fall asleep during studying.

2002 Summary:

A notice of warning. If any guys out there are interested in Ty, give it up, she's taken. Her mum has already arranged her to be married with one of her workmates at Hot Wings Charcoal Chicken in Williamstown. The place makes good pasta salad, chips and chicken. Try it out one. Preferably on a Wednesday or Saturday. :)

Nam is Ty's future husband in waiting. The verbal contract between the parents is almost complete. To finalise it, Nam needs to mow her lawn, which he said he would do if he got the chance.

As Ty is currently with Copps, all she could do is be friends with Nam. However that wasn't enough. They wanted to be closer so the contract was still alive. So now Nam's her "god-brother", or second boyfriend. :P

Nick: Nam's God Sister

Age: 21


Colour: Blue

Movie: Con Air

Song: Blue - Too Close