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Sarah lives in Melbourne, but originated from Shanghai, China. She has been here for a number of years now so she can speak and understand English very well. Better than most of you actually.

Sarah has just completed Year 12 at MacRobertson Girls (the sister school of mine) this year, which shows that she's a bright person. However she did do something way out of character. Missed one of her VCE exams due to a misreading of timetable. Managed to do it in the end, but there's a risk of it not being marked. Hopefully it does. :)

Sarah's been on my ICQ list for a long time now. Can't remember when but we never really hit it off until earlier this year or late last year. Now she is my god-sister. Hehe. I had the fortune of being granted permission to boss her around if she came online during school days. An offer I couldn't refused. Now that Year 12 is finished, my reign of power as ended. :( Now I must find another sucker, I mean, person.

Not long ago, 20th November 2002 (the day of my final exam for the year), Sarah and her friends had a picnic in the city, so I got to meet her for the first time. The sandwiches were nice, except for the fact they had blue notes inside some of them. The notes had instructions of what the person who had the sandwich must do. Eg. Sing A Song. That kind of stopped me from eating anymore. :P

She's a very sweet person and has strict-ish type parents as you'd come to expect with Asian families. At this stage in time, looks like she'll be going to Melbourne Uni doing Commerce. Whatever she picks, hope she's happy with it.

She was born in China as previously mentioned, and due to the one child policy, is an only child. Has everyone knows, has it's advantages and disadvantages. Well, that was one of the factors which ended up me being her god bro hehe.

Hmm, writing too much, I'll stop now. Hope you enjoy your summer holidays in China and I'll see you sometime when you get back. :)

Nick: Sezwa

Age: 18


Colour: Blue

Movie: Romantic Comedies

Song: Miriam Yeung - Yong