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Rachel is one of those Trent Croad crazy girls. She's from Adelaide and naturally goes for the Adelaide Crows. Second is, well... were the Hawthorn Hawks because of Trent Croad. After the controversial trading of Croad to Fremantle to pick 1 (Luke Hodge), she seems to have jump off the wagon. But I'll convince her otherwise.

She has just completed Year 12 in Adelaide in 2001. I met Rach off Juliette about a year or two ago, can't remember exactly.

She enjoys a laugh and is easily to get along with. When she isn't sick, she enjoys going out with friends and having a drink or two. Or maybe more, heaps more. I don't know :P. 

Nick: Crazy Lil Ruff Ryder

Age: 19


Colour: Yellow

Movie: Save The Last Dance

Song: Dante Thomas - Miss California