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Nit is the blonde of the family. If you want clarification, go talk to her. :P

Her hobbies include sleeping in bed, sleeping on the couch, sleeping on other peoples bed, sleeping in car and anywhere else you can think of. She has a talent to sleep in any position no matter how uncomfortable it seems, she'll manage to sleep. However, it's hard to determine wether she is actually sleeping as her eyes are kinda half open while she sleeps.

She is the sister of Ty and the youngest in the family of six girls. The eldest two have married and obviously moved out. So she's stuck with, three reminding sisters. One which eats (Ty, as seen in pictures infront of Eatery Bar and Eating World), one normalish one, and one psycho known as Nane.

Likes to take over my net and ICQ and talk dirty to people. Rotten girl. Has had some certain lesbian fantasies too. Filthy girl. I blame her for my dirty mind. Oh, those that don't think I'm dirty because they haven't seen that side of me, I'm not dirty... I didn't say anything. You just imagined it. I'm as innocent as...[insert innocent creature here].

Nick: NitWit

Age: 19


Colour: Blue

Movie: Titanic

Song: Blue - Too Close