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Mimi is another friend that lives in Sydney. Met her off Lilian. Mimi is a very busy girl and very intelligent. She is studying at Sydney Girls High School is a prefect. She has also won numerous academic awards.

She loves to travel as every summer break, she seems to be on a holiday somewhere. Summer of 2000 she spent in the USA. But it was kinda for SRC reasons as she is a leader of her school.

I met her in person in Sydney when I was there with my school in April 2000. She was sweet enough to take time off her busy schedule and spend a few hours showing Brendan and I around the city. She even went on the monorail which is such a RIP OFF! We went on the monorail for about 3 laps just to make it kinda worth it.

As she is a very busy person, I don't see her on that often and haven't talked to each other for a while. Hopefully some day I can catch up with her, wether it be in Melbourne, Sydney or wherever.

Nick: Yogi Bear

Age: 17


Colour: Yellow

Movie: American Beauty

Song: Monica - Angel Of Mine