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Maria is an intelligent girl who has completed Year 12 in Victoria in 2001. She is now studying Commerce/Science at Melbourne University. A bad choice if you asked me :P.

She has a younger brother which constantly annoys her. She has super strict parents as most Asians do.

She is a very sweet person and is a little shy at first, but once you get to know her, she's a lot of fun. 

2002 Summary:

Maria and I met in 2001, and were friends for a few months. Now I'm going out with her. Hehe. We started officially on the 1st of February 2001, so it's been a while now.

She's been very caring, cute, sweet, generous, and fun to be with since I've known her. Although I do have some scratches and cuts on my arm due to her nails. :P

She studies at a Uni which is only about 10 minutes from mine, so we see each other during our breaks each day.

She bought me the best b'day present I could ask for. Well, I pretty much hinted it but never expected her to buy it. Hehe. But she also bought a few extra things which made me feel so bad.

Also, not long ago, discovered that she is a neighbor of one of my friends from Uni. Freaky!

Well, to finish off, it's been tremendous fun knowing you, let alone go out with you. :) I love her and hope good luck and fortunes goes her way for the year 2003.

Nick: KiteeKat

Age: 19


Colour: Blue

Movie: Save The Last Dance

Song: Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston - When You Believe