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Li Lian


Li Lian, preferred to be called Lily, lives in Sydney and is about to embark on the pressure of Year 12 next year at Sydney Girls High School. Although she has the brains to complete the year with little troubles.

I first met her when I first got ICQ back in late 1998. I had no one on my list so was keen to talk to anyone and have them on my list. I can't remember who messaged who, but I'm sure she messaged me first. Even though she believes it was the other round. 

We got along great right away and we made up this story that we were long lost cousins. Hehe. She was really nice and sweet girl back then. Now she's mean and jokes around a lot. She accuses me of being a bad influence on her which is bullcrap! We did have a minor problem in '99 and almost stopped talking to each other forever.

We get along great now and always have been. Except for that little incident. I don't see her online as much now as she has been busy doing homework, even when it was only Year 11. I was online every night all Year 12! Except the last 3 months before exams. Parents cut off my net. It was the only way they could stop me! I played computer games instead. Hehe.

Lily is currently obsessed with anime cartoons and the guy characters! Every time I talk to her, she seems to have some new guy that she has a crush on or has been perving on. :P

She is a pretty girl but has a very pessimistic view of herself. Constantly thinks she's going to fail and that she looks "bloated" or whatever in every pic she is in. Due to this, she has requested her pic not be shown. I'll kick her ass later. I mean, I respect her wishes and will not show it unless she manages to find a photo that she is happy with. (Pft, good luck!)

Nick: Botninja

Age: 17


Colour: Navy Blue

Movie: Usual Suspects

Song: Good Charlotte - Little Things