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Juliette lives in Adelaide and has bad taste in sporting teams. Adelaide Crows for instance! Also likes Lleyton Hewitt. I hate that guy. "C'mon!!!". Shut the hell up Hewitt, arguably the "best returner of serve".

Don't know when I first talk to her. Had to be a while ago. But we didn't really talk to another much until a few months later. We started off mainly talking about the TV show Neighbours for some reason. I did work experience at this casting agency and had details of the show. Such as filming location and some of the stars phone numbers.

Juliette is a tall girl and has done a few silly thing in her life. Such as this year during her Year 12 exams. She walked out with the answer book! Only realised it when she was almost at her car. Luckily she didn't get penalised and will be marked normally.

Her second "blonde" incident (No offence to the blondes, both physical and mental blondes) was when she threw her friends P plate outside the car because it has a spider on it. So she had to go out and get it in the pouring rain.

Had stupid incident involving the train. Ran for it and gave herself all these injuries. Such has her knee and from all the effort, she missed it! Anyway, hope you enjoy the train pic now instead of Bonzi the gorilla. Hehe.

Has an obsession with Robbie Williams and British pop music. Likes the group Gorillas. Who the hell are they? They look freaky and crap. :P No offence to those who like crap music.

Nick: Jewels

Age: 18


Colour: Bright Pink

Movie: American Beauty

Song: Robbie Williams - Angels