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Julie lives in Melbourne, is sweet, friendly and very good to talk to. She is the youngest in her family which consists or two older brothers. We hadn't talk much before a few weeks ago but now she's been online quite a lot. Maybe more than me. Hehe. Nah, no one can be on more than me.

Recently sent me this email with this pic. One that you're supposed to stare at this door then something pops out. She made me look at it at about midnight. Everyone was asleep, except me and dark so I got shit scared! I'm so going to get her back.

I had an extra pic of her but I had to remove the third pic for some weird reason. The entire pic wouldn't load unless I got rid of the last one. Probably because it was too wide or something. Oh well. As you can see, she's very pretty. She has a really sweet smile.

She lives out in my direction and apparently I look familiar to her. Could be one of my look-a-likes or we meet somewhere. Most likely the first. Likes joking around and is ticklish. Muahaha!

Found out that she was friends with my old friend, Minh. Went out to the city and Highpoint on Tuesday 22nd of Jan 2002. Found out then she is very talkative and can be crazy. I got her back for that ghost picture so wohoo! :P

Also looks a bit like Mulan which is why the pic is inserted above. Also the music you're listening is Reflection, from the soundtrack. Well, the eyes mostly. Hehe. She's gonna kill me.

2002 Summary:

Argh!!! No Forever Friend Bears!!! She's obsessed with them, and I think I owe her about.... 298 or something. I feel like kicking her that many times. :P

She was nice enough to give up her time and go shopping with me for Maria's birthday present. Although it involved going to Morning Glory and looking at FF Bears.

Came to the movie marathon last year which was sold out. Even though I saw lots of empty seats!

Nick: Azn Jewel Goddess

Age: 17


Colour: Blue

Movie: Monsters Inc

Song: Tatyana Ali - Through Life Alone