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Jo is a very friendly and beautiful girl from Sydney. When she smiles her cute dimples show. Actually, I've never met her so I made that last bit up. But you can tell by her nick!

Anyway, I met Jo off Will who is a family friend of his. Their parents knew each other from Vietnam about 20-30 years ago or something like that. We first starting talking on ICQ when Will sent me a message from her account.

Since then, we've been chatting quite often and are pretty good and close friends even though we haven't met. Sometimes I find it hard to understand what she typed because it can get pretty bad at times!

She has tendencies to talk to strangers for no reason because of her friendly nature and is always smiling out in the streets. She is always in a happy mood and very nice to talk to.

2002 Summary:

She's now beginning Year 12 as NSW start their new school year in term 4. Weird, just like the people. :P

Well, she's changed her ways a bit for the good as she's studying hard now and not online as often. 

Broke up with her bf of last year, but found herself another one. Doesn't seem to be single for more than a month. :P

Hope she does well in Year 12 and I better not see her online too much. :)

Nick: Cutie Dimples

Age: 16


Colour: Pink

Movie: Mulan

Song: Mariah Carey - Through The Rain