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Jenny is a friend I met online. She's has knack for arcade games and is pretty good at them. Plays Dance Dance Revolution pretty well.

I met her at Highpoint a while ago and we watched the film Legally Blonde with her friend. I'm kinda shy when I'm with more than one person I don't know so barely opened my mouth. Only to eat. Hehe. Currently attends a private school, Lowther Hall, so gets those extra week holidays! Hmph

She is pretty talkative both in person and on the net.Types pretty fast. Sometimes I see that she sent like 3-5 messages while I'm still replying to her first.

Her parents own a bakery in Footscray and worked there during the summer. Pretty hard working with her studies and does pretty well in her subjects.

Nick: LilMissChouChou

Age: 15


Colour: Purple

Movie: Moulin Rouge

Song: Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule - I'm Real