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Jenn is a girl from Melbourne that is obsessed with neopets. Well, at least that's what it seems. She was the one that introduced me to it and I'm slowly killing them. Hehe. She commonly uses the numbers 2 and 7 in her accounts so if you see someone with an account name 2727 then it's likely to be her.

She enjoys the beach and posing for pics. As you can see, she is also a very pretty looking girl. She has the dancing game (Dance Dance Revolution) at home and plays that a lot. Except she sometimes cheats and uses the controller instead of the mat!

She has a sweet personality and can be affectionate. Very lovely to talk to but doesn't talk as much as most girls do. Some never shut up.

Nick: Angelic Azn Gurl

Age: 15


Colour: Baby Blue

Movie: Bring It On

Song: City High - What Would You Do