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Irene is one of my cousins and is obsessed with Mariah Carey. In fact, obsessed is an understatement. Her every movements and how she dresses is influenced by the celebrities out there.

Her many talents include moving her ears and the ability to move those foam reindeer ears one at a time while on her head. She believes she does a perfect Shaggy impersonation with the saying "It wasn't me". Everyone (that is the normal people) knows it actually sounds like Donald Duck.

Irene and I pretty much grew up together. Our mums are very close and see each other often. Our families used to live together in the very early stages of our childhood. Now, we live about a 10 minute walk from each other. She lives next to a McDonalds so she can have all the McFlurrys whenever she wants. Haha, Ty's so jealous now.

She is into R&B and loves to dance. Well, not at a dance floor but around the house when a song is on. She'll imitate the dance moves from the video clip. She even gave up a double bed so she could have more dancing space in her bedroom!

Irene's nickname which me and my other cousins use is Stalker. She proved us correct at the Australian Tennis Open of 2001. She pretty much followed this Dutch spectator all over the arena for the whole day. At the 2002 Tennis Open, she pretty much didn't pay much attention to the matches, but just wanted to leave the game so she can go look for "Pumpkin".

Irene has a thing for guys with girlfriends. Not too sure if she still has it though. Also enjoys getting herself in an argument with people on the net and making enemies online. She has a policy. "The only way to deal with a bitch, is to be one yourself." Maths wasn't one of Irene's strong subjects in high school but she managed to come up with this formula. 


2002 Summary:

Not much has changed as I don't see her as often these days due to a falling out with someone.

There was one eventful day where her dad kicked her out of the house, but things settled down and now she's still at home and things back to "normal".

Nick: Alyssis, Stalker

Age: 19


Colour: Blue

Movie: Glitter

Song: Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz - I'll B There