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Elizabeth, more commonly known as Liz, is one of the few girls in my course at Uni. I first met her at, well, Uni. She usually signs herself off as "Rumble". Which is a nick that has come about from an "inside joke". I'm yet to know about it and I never will. :P

Liz isn't the tallest person you'll meet, but what she lacks in height she makes up in voice. She can be very loud which draws a lot of attention to her from strangers. Usually weird looks and faces saying "What the hell is wrong with her?". 

Liz previously studied at MacRobertson Girls High School, which is the sister school of mine. If you have never heard of MacRob, then MacDog might the term you're more familiar with. No offence intended to the MacRob girls if any of you are reading this. 

She is a hardworking girl and focuses a lot on her study. Even turned up to every lecture of the most boring subject! Enjoys playing games, like pool, and loves to celebrate a good shot. But gets annoyed when we play a shot so the white ball ends in an area where she can't reach. However she wont use the "poofter" stick. Good on her I say... plus it looks funny seeing all her tactics of trying to get to it! Hehe.

2002 Summary:

Well, not much has changed since last year. Except the fact that her pic is now up. The pic was taken from my birthday celebrations. It was taken at Highpoint bowling if anyone is curious. 

She looks all high or something because, well, don't think she was wanting a pic taken that night at all! Noticed that she jumped out a lot whenever it looked like she'd be in a shot.

Heard that she's moving around late 2003 as the house hasn't commenced building yet. I won't reveal what suburb but the scary thing is that is could be within walking distance from me.

She also received an invitation to join the Golden Key International Honour society which she accepted.

Nick: Rumble

Age: 19


Colour: Yellow

Movie: Any Movie Starring Jackie Chan

Song: Kenny G - The Moment