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Hi all, my name is Kevin Yang and I am currently 19 years of age studying at RMIT University. I am enrolled in a double degree course (Engineering and Computer Science) which has a time span of 5 years minimum. I currently completed first year. I enjoy having fun and spending time talking and going out with friends. If I'm not out, I'm online.

My past

I studied at Footscray City Secondary College (Now known as Footscray City College) for Years 7 and 8. I was strongly pressured by my parents to take part in the Melbourne High School entrance examination during July of 1996. To my surprise, I was offered a place to study at the school in Year 9, which I accepted. I remained at the school until completing the VCE last year. In 1999, I went to Adelaide to represent my High School. Likewise in 2000 in Sydney. Melbourne High School takes part in two separate exchange programs which the two schools compete for a trophy or shield. Against Adelaide, we play for the Prefects Cup, which we tied for in 1999. Sydney, we compete for the Crawford Shield which we easily accounted for in their home turf. Each year, one of the schools travels to the other and it alternates every year.

Eg. 1999 - Sydney travelled to Melbourne, Melbourne travelled to Adelaide. 2000 - Melbourne travelled to Sydney, Adelaide travelled to Melbourne.

My Interest

I have many interest will cover most areas that life offers. I love sports. Both participating and watching. I also enjoy watching TV, going to the cinemas and listening to music. The typical things everybody likes. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and travelling. Although I don't get to do much of it. My last holiday was in Thailand approx. 7 years ago. For a more detailed view of my interest, please visit the "Profile" page or click here.