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Serra's Ghost

Welcome to my page. Hehehe...I'm Serra's Ghost. I'm a solid white, female Siberian Husky, and I have ice blue eyes. I'm about 17inces right now. I love to dig and howl. I terrorize the cat all the time. Mom is getting another puppy for me to play with. The cat is mean to me. Mom got me Jan. 5, 2002, I was born Nov. 8, 2001 in Alabama.

My mom came down to Alabama with my dad and were at the fleamarket where she saw me with my 7 brothers and sisters. I was so scared though. My brother with brown eyes was sooooo loud and hyper that I just sat back in the back and minded my own business. Then my would be mom walked up to us and asked if she could hold me. I was a little scared but she was very nice. She told me that everything would be ok and handed me back to the lady selling us. Then she disappeared.

Then all of a sudden she came back. She was talking to the lady and then she left again. Not long after this guy came up and talked to the lady. He smelled kinda like the girl that was here so I hoped he'd take me to her. Then the door opened and he picked me up. But instead of petting me and putting me back he walked away from there with me. As we walked I got a little scared. There were lots of people out and lots of smells. All of a sudden I saw the girl again. She had the biggest smile on her face. I knew then that they were taking me home with them. She held me and kept me warm till we left. Then i got to sit in her lap on the way home. She was soooo nice to me.

When we got to the cabin thingy they were staying at she lay on the bed with me and let me curl up next to her. She pet me and told me that I was going home with them and that I'd be loved very much. See she told me that a week earlier she lost her baby and that I was her baby now. Ever since that day I've always did my best to make the girl happy so she wouldn't miss her baby. Now I'm told that Mom and Dad are getting me a baby brother. So see I won't be an only child. My mom and dad really love me and I really love them. I am so happy here.
Serra's Ghost