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Serra's and Avatarum's Siberian Huskies

Hello, my name is Serra's Ghost and this picture is me at about 9 weeks. I'm a Siberian Husky. Do you know what those are? Well if not there are many links on these pages that will tell you. I came to live with my family on January 5, 2002. I was born in Grant, AL where my mom and dad are. Sorry I don't have any pictures of them on here. But as you can see I'm solid white so are my seven brothers and sisters. Therefore my mom and dad are white. Their names are Kojak Peebo and Snow Princess. I wish I had pictures of them! :)

Well, here's my newest news...I'm getting a brother. His name is Rowan. He's red and white. His mom and dad are Nevada Meeko Red and Debbies Mandy Red. He's about 3 weeks old right now(03/05/02) and he'll be coming to live with us in about a month. I'm gonna be his big sister:) Well so far I'm bigger. Anyways this site is going to be about me and Rowan and Siberian Huskies in general. Maybe when I get older I'll get to race too :) I'd like that...I'm already practicing.

Okay, well guys and gals...I got more news for's May 4 and Mommy and Daddy brought home two more huskies...they are both female and about 9wks old. One is Sable and the other is Scout. They are both cute with blue eyes. Sable is a sable and Scout is a black and white. They both have lots of energy. Rowan has taken to them really good. I'm still trying to figure out why Mom and Dad keep bringing these puppies home but hey it just means more play mates for me. Rowan is going to be huge by the way...his feet are bigger than mine and I'm 6 months old where he's only 12wks old. Mom keeps saying that he's gonna be a Clydesdale(what's that?) anyways...I just thought I'd let you know about the new news. Later guys!
Serra's Ghost

I hope to have lots more on here soon being that I just started this site today (02/03/02) I haven't had much time to put much in it yet. Bare with me, this is a long and fun project. So I hope you all will enjoy! :)

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