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Mark Manson Interview

1. I've beeen wrestling now for almost 6 years, I was trained by Larry Sharpe at the Monster Factory in Clemington NJ
2. It was against Trent Acid in Levittown PA in Nov 97. I'm not sure of the winner, i think we went to a double DQ or countout or something
3. Right now I'm working for various independent promotion throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesse, and Pennsylvania
4.Out of all the people i've wrestled..thats tough..i've worked with so many good people, from Terry Bull and Mike Samples in the United States, to Doug Williams and Tiger Steele(Colossus) in Europe, to Kinatro Kanemuera and Shadow WX in Japan its too difficult to pick a favorite for a last match. comment
6.Doug Williams, i worked with him twice while i was in England and he was absolutly great, a tremendous talent.
7.having a chance to wrestle in Japan
8.Go to college,have something that can support you while your wrestling, because there is NO money in this business. Find a GOOD school to go and train at. Somewhere that is estabished. And most of all...GET TO A GYM. If you want to be a pro wrestler, then look like one. I see too many fat tubs of goo and 110 pounders who try to work like a big man. Take pride in your work and your look. Its what gets you bookings.
> 9. Any closing comments???
If anyone wishes to contact me for any reason you can reach me at
> 1. How long have you been in the business and who > trained you???
> > 2. Tell me about your first match?
> > 3. Where are you currently wrestling?
> > 4. Of all the people you have wrestled against in > your career. Who would u > choose to wrestle one last time if it was your last > match?
> > 5. What is your opinion on MTV's Tough Enough???
> > 6. Who deserves to be in WWE that's not right > now????
> 7. What has been the highlight of your career???
> > 8. What advice would you give to someone wanting to > start a career in > wrestling??