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What This is about.

People who you can write to.

Michael Moore: Movie Producer
Oprah Winfrey: Talk show host
Montel Williams: Talk show host, Chronic pain patient
American Medical Association
State Representatives
USA Today-Letters to the Editor
NPR-National Public Radio
The New York Times-Letters to the Editor
TIME Magazine-Letters to the Editor
NEWSWEEK-Letters to the Editor

Thank you for visiting my page. Our mission is to send as many e-mail messages as possible to the people who we believe will listen. With the above links, you can access several direct email pages, or further links, to people who may listen to our stories. Please, if you have made it THIS FAR, write just one message to at least ONE of the above contacts of your choice. If you are a person in chronic pain or know someone who suffers from chronic pain, please express your opinions and/or conditions to any or all of the people listed, give a brief description of your circumstances and stories and help us fight Medical undertreatment in The United States of America!.And please check back as I will be adding new links often. Thank you for visiting, Ike Calhoun