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Time to "Move with the changing environmental target"

As Steelcase states in their environmental brochure, they have a responsibility to move with the changing environmental concerns around them. In the mid 1990's, Steelcase noticed that emissions from their manufacturing plants were an environmental liability and that they needed to drastically minimize the emissions from their plants, minimize the amount of power used in their plants, improve their water management, and improve their materials and resource management.

There were large amounts of VOC emissions from Steelcase factories. VOC emissions are volatile organic compounds that are a result of the burning of fuels used in automobiles. VOC emissions result from the manufacturing facilities worldwide; the solvents used in products such as inks, adhesives and consumer products are a large contributor to the emissions. Any volatile compound of carbon is considered a VOC.

Energy efficiency was also a problem in Steelcase factories. The manufacturing plants were using excess electricity that was unnecessary for its needs and Steelcase realized that it could save electricity - which would save them money and help the environment. Steelcase also recognized that its water management practices needed to be revised. There were new processes and technologies that could help save millions of gallons of water annually; which again would save Steelcase money and create a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process and site. There were also problems with the environmentally unfriendly materials and resources that were used to construct their buildings - they were a liability to the environment as well. Steelcase realized that they were getting behind in their quest to maintain environmental excellence.

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