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Hello there!

hi all!!!...welps, this ish me...this ish my angelfire site, and i made it on, uh...well, very long time ago...i hope u ppl enjoy what u see at my site, and hola at me by aim...djc8699....or email....feel free to tell me ALL ur thoughts....ask me questions on how to set up ur own website, just don;t j-0-c-K any of my sTuFf or i;ll geT hela pissed!!!...don;t forget to sigN the gueStbo0k...this is a site mainly deticated to the thinGs i enjoy in life...o yeah, the background ish b0a...for now...i plan on changing it, of course.

..currently: N0ne

Wednesday October 26, 2005
Wow, it's been like F0REVER ! seriously !! haha. hmm, one and One half years, OMG. kool though that i found it. This will be awesome , i hope. as for blogging ?? well i jhuss might use this site instead, i'm not really sure though .. this site for now, is jhuss for show i guess .. nothing really. i can always take my BL0G from my other site and put it here, we;ll see. hehe.
Sunday May 9, 2004
*Calgary4, Sharks3 ot...Calgary leads 1-0
**Michael Schumacher equaled Nigel Mansell's record of winning the first five races in a season when he took victory at the Spanish Grand Prix.
***Johnny Herbert followed up his pole position with a victory at the Monza 1000 km race, the inaugural event in the Le Mans Endurace Series (LMES), in an Audi R8.