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Hello there!

*age:go fig
*hair style:short(now)
*scool:mission san jose
*height:5'3" 6/8
*weight:none of ur bzwax

!!mY fAv...!!
^singer:YooJin/kang ta
^sports Team:san jose sharks
^video game:dunO
^sports figure:alex korolyuk
^tv show:racing
^race car:aLL
^street car:mitsubishi eclipse
^house item:um...
^scool pic:2003-2004
^subject in scool:lunch
^hair style:...
^stuff animal:all
^tv station:408
^radio Station:98.5
^time of year:winter
^electronic device:ps2
^cd player:blue one
^pro wrestlin move:hurracanrana
^pro wrestler:rey mysterio
^sunglasses:the yello one
^place other than where i live:canada/korea

>>not in fAvor of:::<<
)REAL fat ppl
)ppl who don;t respect ME
)slowness computer
)looking ugly
)havin no money
)smelly ppl
)aZn wannabe;s
)havin no energy