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*-_-*Amber Nicole*-_-*

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*-_-*Hey my name is Amber Cummings I am a sophomore at Barren County High School. My birthday is September 4th. I like to hang out with friends, shop, go to parties, and go to town and talk to people. My favorite thing to do is talk on the phone. As of now I am single but startin to like someone but I dont know what to do. Well I got to thinkin about things I don't know who I like b/c I noticed people aint the way you think they are so I guess Im gonna think some more things over. I am a very easy to get along with as long as you dont argue or make me mad. I dont get mad easy just as long as you dont talk about me or my friends behind our back or you dont say nothin to me about them. I used to be on the high school dance team but didnt get along with the coaches to well so I quit. I like to go places on the weekends and meet new people or just hang out with my friends Brandi and Nicole basically but we meet other people in town and go with them. We hang out at T Mart if we are with the hicks and we hang out on the strip if we are with different people. We are a bunch of hicks but what do you expect we are from Barren We like ridin four wheelers, gettin muddy. We can get all muddy and run around everywhere with mud all over our clothes and we dont really care, Its all good. I am never home on the weekends unless I am in trouble which is hardly ever. On Sundays is usually when we go ridin and stuff at Andy and Carls...they have their little trails and stuff. If Im at Nicoles we go to Bobs in summershade and ride horses which I have only done once but it was kinda fun so might have to do it again. Well that is all about my boring life so I will ttyl.*-_-* *-_-* Chad Your In My Prayers *-_-*