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What's new with Corden and Aden

01/17/2004 - Neglected to mention that the fellas had an important event occur during our holiday trip, namely that they received their first haircuts! (photos coming soon)  That's right, their step-granny followed them around with clippers and scissors and chopped off some of those curls.  It wasn't a bad experience but chasing the guys took a lot of effort.

01/08/2004 - Last night, all of us were watching Fountains of Wayne perform on Austin City Limits.  We've seen the boys do a little dancing before, but this time they would shimmy and shake, and even pretend to play the air drums!  Have to hand it to the Waynesters.  They know how to get a toddler's groove on!

01/04/2004 - We just returned from visiting family in Eubank, London, and Monticello, KY for the holidays.  The boys received even more Christmas gifts including some stuffed animals, pajamas, a cool drum, cars, puzzles, and their first wooden rocking chairs.

12/26/2003 - Christmas is over and everyone received lots of nice things.  The boys got little trikes, a kitchen set, riding and pushing toys, puzzles, Glow Worms, cars, a LeapPad with books, and other great stuff.  We stayed in Louisville because the Blazer had transmission problems.  Next week, we'll travel to see the relatives.

12/17/2003 - Corden made his first trip to the dentist today because he chipped one of his front teeth last night.  He fell while running with a cordless phone to his mouth.  We heard a click but since he didn't complain, we thought he broke something on the phone.  We noticed the tooth later while he was playing.  The doctor examined him and unless there's tooth discoloration or swelling, we're supposed to follow-up in three months.