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Mothers of Twins clubs links

Links to the Mothers of Twins clubs in our region are listed below.  Since they reside outside Corden and Aden's site, please note the following disclaimer.

The appearance of links on this page neither constitutes an endorsement, recommendation or certification by Corden and Aden, nor should the presence of links in any way be construed as a suggestion that the sites have any relationship with Corden and Aden.  When viewing these sites remember that:

  • Corden and Aden are not endorsing or guaranteeing the products, information or recommendations provided by linked sites;
  • Corden and Aden are not liable for any failure of products or services advertised on those sites;
  • Corden and Aden are not responsible for any content on linked sites that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate;
  • Each site may have a privacy policy different than Corden and Aden's site;
  • The linked sites may provide less security than Corden and Aden's site.

Now feel free to check out these sites.