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Corden and Aden's first ultrasound

Dad's view:  My father-in-law has factor IX deficiency or hemophilia B (Christmas disease), thus my wife carries the trait and has a 50% chance of passing the disorder to her male children.  Thankfully, Corden and Aden were not born with the condition.  However, during pregnancy there was no test to determine if the babies were affected (except amniocentesis) so, to be on the safe side, my wife's OB/GYN referred us to a perinatal specialist for genetic counseling and the first ultrasound.

The counseling was informative even though my wife and I had already educated ourselves about the disorder, and the ultrasound began in routine fashion.  The technician found the fetus and told us everything looked fine.  Then her face went a little blank and she blurted out "oh."  My wife looked up with a concerned expression but before she could say anything, the technician said, "Girl, you're having twins!"

I'll never forget what happened next.  I don't know if she was happy, scared, nervous or sad, but my wife put her head back down, wimpered a little, and tears started streaming down either side of her face, past her ears and down to the floor.  Remarkably, I remained fairly calm.  If I would've known what I was in for during the pregnancy, delivery and parenting of multiples, I probably would've had some type of seizure right there in the office.  But, I didn't.  I stayed pretty cool.

For some reason, I wasn't surprised that we were having twins.  I just had one of those feelings and I have no idea where it came from.  Once everything settled in, we became a little excited and looked at the images of both babies on the screen.  Of course, there was some apprehension about the entire thing, but mostly, we were happy and looking forward to seeing more of those two little guys we'd just met.