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Simple Script Security (SSS) v0.82b
Basic form for secure WEB page creation

Copyright 2000 by Janne Tuukkanen


There's no recovery for forgotten password!



  1. Paste HTML file to be encrypted to the input field (You could just type 'Hello, World!' for testing)
  2. Enter password to the password field
  3. Click process button
  4. Copy and paste all text from the output field to your HTML editor
  5. Save as normal HTML file
  6. Note! Following files needed in the same directory as the encrypted file. Use Save Link As method of your browser.
    jt_std.js | jt_sha1.js | jt_arc4.js | jt_crc.js | jt_sss.js
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Can be dropped on explorer folder Simple Script Security example
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Simple Script Security example Snippet (edit)
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Simple Script Security example Snippet (edit) Open or Closed