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Make your own Lighthouse from clay pots



·       Clay pots in varying sizes.  The taller your lighthouse, the more pots you will need. In the example shown, there were 4 pots used, with 12” being the largest pot. 

·       1 small clay saucer;

·       solar light (used a 3-tiered light);

·       black and white craft paint;

·       glue.



After painting the pots white and the rims black, stack the pots on top of each other, upside down, with the largest pot as the base.  Glue each one around the inside rim to the next one.  Glue the small saucer on top and then glue the solar light to that.


It may or may not put out enough light to be considered “functional”  but will illuminate without dealing with any electrical connections. 

If the the solar light has a small post on the bottom, you can just cut that off before you glue it to the saucer.

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