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The Law

  • ALL will obey Undertaker.
  • All will repsect Undertaker.
  • ALL herd mares and foals will obey the lead mare.
  • Undertaker has the right to delete those from the herd if, and when, he pleases.
  • All mares new to herd will start out as herd mares. They MUST endeavor to move up in rank.
  • All foals will be removed from herd at the age of 2 years.
  • All mares entering into herd must be without foal. If they are in foal, the foal WILL be killed when born.
  • Once Undertaker owns you, you shall never be free of him. If stolen, he WILL get you back.
  • Freedom is non-existant. If you wish to go out of the herd to a common land you MUST be accompanied by Undertaker or the lead mare. Lead mare MUST be accompanied by Undertaker.
  • All foals born will be played by the mare's puppeteer. No exceptions.