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Rank Definitions

The Obedient
This is the lead mare. This position is given only to those that can prove themselves capable of controlling all others in the herd, besides Undertaker. Undertaker shall decide who is given the position. The lead mare is to accompany all other mares when they leave the herd boundaries to ensure they are not trying to be disloyal to Undertaker by entertaining other stallions.

To Follow
This is the first born colt of Undertaker and one of his mares. If Undertaker is not content to let his firstborn rule, he shall kill it, then wait for another to take it's place. If the heir is born from a herd mare, she gains no more power from this fact. The heir does not have to leave the herd at the age of 2 years.

The Dominated
Herd mares belonging to Undertaker.

The Tame
Foals born from herd mares belonging to Undertaker, and of his seed.

The Loathed
Enemies of the Undertaker. Stallions listed here will NOT be tolerated anywhere near Undertaker's mares, or in the herd lands.