Downton and Cerdic 519 AD
Birthplace of King Arthur's Kingdom of Wessex and England

by Michael Alwyn Slade
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Appendix d.

     Most names can be found recorded with various spellings indeed with separate Celtic Roman and Saxon names - even Celtic nicknames.

     Cerdic, Caradoc, Caratoc, Ceredig, Ceredic, Coroticus, One Arm Artor, Artorius, Vreich Vras, Arthur, Strong Arm, Artur Artus, Briefbras
Aella, Aewella, Ella, kills Ochta takes Caent - fought Cerdic
Aelwyn, son of Ector, Gawain, Eliwlod, Alynore, Alymere, Courteous Knight - Aelfwine, Cerdics soothsayer
Aescwine son of Aelwyn father of Sledda
Aetius, Roman leader
Ambrosius Aurealanus, Dux Britanniarum, PenDragon, Amesbury
Ann, Anna, Cerdics sister
Arthur Artopr Artur Artus Strong Arm
Bieda, Ports son
Bretwalda, King of Confederacy of Britain, Britons Warrior Leader
Cador, Duke of Cornwall possibly brother Lyr Merini
Caelwlin, Caelwy, Caelwyn, Cynrics son
Cavall, Cerdics hunting dog
Cerdic Caratoc Ceredic Strong Arm
Creoda, Cerdics youngest son
Cunedd, Father of Lyr Merini and Ambrosius, Celtic patriarch
Cuneglassus the Butcher
Cymen, son of Aelle
Cynegils, Cerdics grandson
Cynric, Cerdics son, future King of Wessex
Cynwahl, Cerdics grandson
Cyssa, son of Aelle
Ebissa, Ebessau came over with Cerdic
Ector, Hector, Brother Lyr Merini, Ambrosius, Father of Kay, Foster father Cerdic
Edde, Hedde, Hengistbury misnamed after his burial place
Elain, Cerdics sister
Eldol, Duke of Gloucester Father to Lyr Merini and Ambrosius
Geraint father of Guinere
Germanus, Bishop - later St
Giwis, father of Esla- father of Elesa Lyr Merini (Gewissae!)
Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall
Guinere, Guignier, Guinivere - wife of Cerdic, sister to Duke of Cornwall
Hengist, employed Saxon mercenary by Vortigern
Hwicce, tribes of Mercia
Igraine, mother of Cerdic
Ine, King of Wessex descendant of Cerdic
Kay, son of Ector, half brother to Cerdic
Kendric, Cynrics people
Lluagor, Cerdics Horse
Lyr Merini, Elesa, Lancelot?, Uther Pendragon, Eliavres, Merlin, Father to Cerdic
- Merlin, Brother Ambrosius, Reigned from Winchester
Mordred, Cerdics grandson
Morgaine, Margawse, Morgause, Cerdics sister
Natan, "Brother" to Lyr Merini, Fought and lost to Cerdic - Dun Ton 519
Natan-Leod, Subduer/Crusher of the people. A Traitor, a title
Ochta, Hengists son - allies with Cerdic
Oesc, Hengists son
Pascentus, son of Vortigern
Pendragon, King of Kings - Lyr Merini
Port, Saxon landed Portsmouth
Regia Anglorum, The Kingdoms of the English
Riagath, Dux Bellorum after Ambrosius, Vortigerns grandson
Riothamus title - King of Kings
Sledda, East Saxon King from Wessex, Cerdic hid ancestor
St Germanus, Bishop
Stuf, Cynrics nephew put in charge IOW by Cerdic
Vitolanus, King of Kings
Vortigern - Vitolanus, reigned over Ambrosius and Lyr Merini - Dux Bellorum, Vitalanus, Bretwalda, related to Lyr Merini
Vortimer - challenges Vortigern and Hengist - allies with Ambrosius & Lyr Merini
Wigtgar, Cynrics nephew put in charge IOW by Cerdic
Wlencing, son of Aelle
Ysaive, Wife of Lyr Merini


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