Downton and Cerdic 519 AD
Birthplace of King Arthur's Kingdom of Wessex and England

by Michael Alwyn Slade
Copyright 2010 ©

Appendix c.

     The extra-ordinary fact with Wessex place-names is their almost universal "Saxon" roots.

Alderbury, Fortified place of Alders,
- or after Alward the Priest
Allington, Allas-tun
Amesbury, Fort of Ambrosius
Arne, Eagle
Ashurst, Ash trees hill
Badbury, Baddas fort
Barford, Boars ford
Bath, Caer Baddon
Bemerton, Bymeras-tun
Bicton, Bis settlement
Blandford, tranquil ford
Bodenham, Settlement of the prophet
Bokerley Dyke
Bramshaw, Bramble wood
Bransgore, Brans triangle of land
Breamore, Bramble Moor, damp place
Breoton, Britain
Brighton, Beorthelm's tun, settlement
Britford, Britons ford
Brokenhurst, Brocests wooden hill
Brownsea Island, Brunoces = island
Burgate Cross Gate to the Fort
Burley, Fortified clearing
Cadnam, Cada's home
Calshot, Cald Shaw, Cerdics Ore
Charford, Cerdics Ford
Charlton, Caerlton, Settlement of the Ceourls, Freemen
Chichester, Cicces Ceastre
Chippenham, Cippa's meadow
Christchurch - Twynham, twyn, tweox - neam - between two rivers
Cirencester, Caer Ceri
Clarendon, Clover covered hill
Clearbury, Caerl Burgh, Freemens Fort
Coombe Bisset, The meadow
Corfe, Gap or Pass
Cornwall, Cornouaille, Cirnovii Cernw
Cranborne, Cran = cranes
Damerham, Doemers-home
Devon, Dumnonia
Dorset, Durotriges, Dorsaetes
Pitton, Place of the Hawks
Quidhampton, Muddy home farm
Downton, Dun ton, Downs settlement
Eling, Edlas followers
Ellingham, Aeoelingahem, Aeolings - settlement, Edlas
Fordingbridge, ford bridge
Frankenbury Fort of the Franks, Gauls, - Godsale camp
Fritham, secure settlement among the trees
Fugglestone, Fugeles-tun
Furzey Island, Gorse
Glamorgan, Ergying
Gloucester, Caer Gloui
Greenslade Bottom
Grimstead, Grims Place, DevilsPlace
Hale, corner - of an estate
Hampshire, Hantescyr
Hamptworth, Settlement in the clearing
Hamworthy, hamme = oysters
Harnham Settlement of the Hares
Hatchet Green
Hengistbury, Hedenesburia - not Hengist!
Homington, Hill
Hyde - one ploughmans land
Idmiston, Edhelmes-tun
Ibsley, Ibs Clearing
Isle of Wight, Ynys Weith
Kendric, Cynrics tribe
Kent, Caent
Kinson, Cyneston, Cynes settlement
Knowlton, hilltop settlement
Lepe, Lapis = stone
Littlehampton, Aelles ham tun
Lode Hill, Leoud Hill - Traitors Hill
London, Lun Dien
Longford, long tun ford
Lymington, marshy river tun
Lyndhurst, Wooded hill with lime trees
Mercia, Hwicce
Morgans Vale, Morganwe Valley
Odstock, Stockade of Od
Pepper Box, pepp = path box = tree
Redbridge, Reed Bridge
Redlynch, red soil - iron, terrace
Ringwood, Regni Wood, Kings wood
Rockbourne, Rock stream
Romsey, Rumsieg Island in the Marsh
Salisbury, Caer Caradoc, Sarum,
- Caer Guorthegirn, Sarum Burgh,
- Searobyr, Sorbiodunium
Shire, Cyr
Sixpenny Handley, High wood - clearing of the saxons
Snails Creep, Schnell Creep, Fast road
Somerset, Summor Saete, Dumnonia
Sopley, Soppes clearing
Southampton, Ham tun, Clausentum, - Ham wic - special farm
Spetisbury, Spet = woodpecker
St Catherines Hill, Caelwynns Hill
Standlynch, stony terrace
Stoney Cross
Stuckton, Stucks settlement
Sussex, South Saxon
Tilshead, Theodwulfs hide of land
Totton, Farm of Totta
Walton Settlement of the Waels - Waelts welsh, celts
Wessex, West Saxon
Whaddon, Hwoetdenu, Valley where the wheat is grown
Whiteparish,Wigtgars parish
Whitsbury, Wigtgars burgh, - Wihtgeraesburgh
Wick, Out farm - usually cattle
Wilton, Hill on the Wylye
Wiltshire Wiltsaete Gewissae
Wimborne, Vinburnan - two rivers
Winchester, Caer Wen, Venta - Belgarum, Win Ceastre, Ouenta, - Caer Gwinntguic, Gwentchester
Witherington, Wita = person of - learning, Ring settlement
Wylye, twisty river, gwili
Ytene, Jutes, New Forest


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