Downton and Cerdic 519 AD
Birthplace of King Arthur's Kingdom of Wessex and England

by Michael Alwyn Slade
Copyright 2010 ©

Appendix a.

     Note dates for this period frequently 20 years adrift due somewhat to different calendars

100 BC An Iron Age hilltop fort overlooks the expanding Avon Valley
A Palace is built under the hilltop fort at the River Avons edge
300 AD A Roman Villa is Built at Dun Ton. Downton
402 Roman Legions withdraw from Britain
430 Llyr Merini born. Welsh borders
438 Ambrosious Aureleanus born, brother to Llyr Merini
445 Llyr Merini takes over defence of Winchester
Cerdic born. Son of Llyr Merini (Uther) and Igraine of Tintagel
446 Cerdic under care of Llyr Merini and Ector at Downton
450 Vortigern Bretwalda - King of Kings recruits Saxons Hengist and Horsa
455 Cerdic suffers polio - one arm handicap. "Cured" by St Germanus.
455 Hengist and Horsa rebel against Vortigern. Horsa killed.
456 Vortigern marries Hengists daughter, secedes Caent
456 Ambrosius Aureleanus takes control of a fractious Britain
460 Cerdic - Artor - Boy King - begins his warrior trade
Cerdic becomes a warrior leader with Ambrosius Aureleanus
Uses Downton as his homeland base
464 Cerdic also serves as maritime leader and trader with the continent under Llyr Merini at Winchester
465 Cerdic marries Guinere sister of Cador Duke of Cornwall
470 Cerdic campaigns with and for AA in France - Loire and Burgundy
470 Natan, Merini's brother takes over from Cerdic in control at Downton
472 Cerdic becomes King of Nantes and Vannes
477 Aella a Saxon lands with 3 sons - Caent
479 Aella kills Ochta and controls Caent
Night of 1000 knives. Many Britons slewn.
480 Cerdic returns to retrieve a falling empire as Llyr Merini is ill
Creoda his eldest son is left in charge in France
Cerdic allies with AA across the country as required
485 Cerdic defeats Aella who was encroaching from Caent
485 Natan from Downton continues as a fractious neighbour to Cerdic
Cerdic has a son Cynric
488 Cerdic continues French and British duties.
495 Cerdic returns and brings the core of his army from France and takes over from Ambrosius as Dux Bellorum battle leader
Natan usurped from his southern New Forest territory by Cerdic
498 Cador of Cornwall dies
501 Port arrives with son Bida
508 Ambrosious Aurielanus dies, poisoned.
519 Cerdic attacks Natan who is killed at Cerdics Ford
520 Cerdic consolidates his territory, enforcing peace and extending influence. Cerdic takes Old Sarum and controls Gewissae. Cerdic becomes Bretwalda - King of Kings - King of Wessex
534 Stuf and Wigter into control of Isle of Wight
535 Cerdic dies at Mount Badon
535 Guinere becomes Abbess of Amesbury


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