Downton and Cerdic 519 AD
Birthplace of King Arthur's Kingdom of Wessex and England

by Michael Alwyn Slade
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Appendix 2.

Ambrosius Aureleanus.

     Born around 438 AD.

Ambrosius Aureleanus was born into a senior Romano British family based in the region of Gloucester. His father would appear to be of the same name so there is some confusion in interpretation of records of this time. His (younger) brother was Llyr Merini. These men would have been the last remnants of stock brought up under the command of Roman Empire statutes and controls.

Ambrosius travelled to Rome and requested support for help at home. This was ignored. The Roman Empire was threatened closer to home and was responsible under Vortigern to try and maintain the infrastructure the Roman Empire left behind in Britain. Vortigern sent Ambrosius on a mission to Gaul to repair trade routes. He was instrumental in at least two long term adventures in France fighting off advances from the Huns and Visigoths. He would also have regularly traversed Britain in quelling unrest.

Vortigern was likely to have been his senior in early days but his influence abated and Ambrosius Aureleanus was to become the key figure of his time. Natan would have worked with him, as would Lyr Merini, in later suppressing Vortigern and Saxon incursion into their areas. Cerdic, his nephew, was to become one of his key warrior chiefs. Amesbury is named after him and surely must have been his latter operational base.

Roman cities in Britain were crumbling with neglect and attacks from insurgents. Incomers and even the resident Celtic population were used to a more basic living standard. Even pottery production declined immensely perhaps considered an unnecessary luxury especially as no longer a wandering sizeable professional army and empire needed regular supplying and pacifying. Villages were central to command and control and only slowly evolving as towns. Cities continued to crumble.

Cerdic would have been a key warlord for Ambrosius quelling insurrection and indiscipline. He would have been with him in at least the latter campaign in Gaul where he learnt the skills of successful cavalry operations.

Ambrosius Aureleanus. Uncle to Cerdic, Arthur.


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