Passenger list for the ship Confidence 1638

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Captain John Gibson April 24


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Southampton, England to New England
24 April 1638


Another transcription of this voyage can be seen at Confidence Vol 1


List of passengers from Southampton for New England 24 April 1638 by the 'Confidence' of London, two hundred tons - Master Mr. John Gibson.

- "by vertue of the Lord Treasurers warrant of the 11th April"

Columns represent*: First Name, Last Name, Name of the place each lived prior to the voyage, Occupation, Age, Name of the place where they settled Accompanied by (relationship, name, age, place each lived prior to the voyage, occupation).


Walter Hayne, 55, of Sutton Mandeville, Wilts, linen weaver, Settled Sudbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Elizabeth

their sons: Thomas, John and Josias under 16

and daughters: Suffrance and Mary 5

and servants: John Blanford 27

John Riddet 26

Richard Bidlcombe 16


Peter Noyce, 47, of Penton, Hants, yeoman, Settled Watertown

Accompanied by:

son: Thomas 15

daughter: Elizabeth

and servants: Robert Davis 30

John Rutter 22

Margaret Davis 26

Nicholas Guy, 50, of Upton Grey, Hants, carpenter, Settled Watertown

Accompanied by:

his wife: Jane 30

daughter: Mary

and servants: Joseph Taynter 25

Robert Bayley 23


John Bent, 35, of Penton, Hants, husbandman, Settled Sudbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Martha

and children: Robert 10

William 6

Peter 4

John 2

Agnes 8


Roger Porter, 55, of Long Sutton, Hants, husbandman, Settled Watertown

Accompanied by:

and daughters: Joane





John Sanders, 25, of Langford, Wilts, husbandman, Settled Salisbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Sara (Webmaster note: Sara was not his wife, but his daughter. Source: The Founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, page 37, by Sarah Saunders Smith, pub. 1897.)

? relationship: John Cole 40

servants: Roger Eastman ** 25 (*See note below)

Richard Blake 16

William Cottle 12

Robert King 24

John Rolfe, 50, of Melchitt Park, Wilts, husbandman, Settled Salisbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Ann

their daughter: Hester

their servant: Thomas Whittle 18


John Goodenowe, 42, of Semley, Wilts, husbandman, Settled Sudbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Jane

their daughters: Lydia and Jane


Edmond Goodenowe, 27, of Donhead, Wilts, husbandman, Settled Sudbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Ann

their sons: John 3

Thomas 1

servant: Richard Sangar 18


Thomas Goodenowe, 30, of Shafsbury [Shaftesbury, Dorset], Settled Sudbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Jane

his son: Thomas 1

his sister: Ursula


Edmund Kerley, 22, of Ashmore, [Dorset], husbandman, Settled Sudbury

Accompanied by:

? relationship: William Kerley, of Ashmore [Dorset], husbandman

? relationship: Edmund Morres, of Kington Magna, Dorset, carpenter


Stephen Kent, 27, of Nether Wallop, Hants, Settled Newbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Margery 26

servants: George Church 16

Hugh Marshe (or March) 20

Anthoney Sadler 9

Nicholas Wallington, a poor boy

Rebecca Kent 16

John Stephens, 31, of Goversham [?Caversham], Oxon, husbandman, Settled Newbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Elizabeth

his mother: Alice Stephens

? relationship: William Stephens 21, of Goversham, husbandman

servants: John Lowgee 16

Grace Lowgee


Thomas Jones, 36, of Goversham, tailor

Accompanied by:

his wife: Ann

their 4 [unnamed] children under 10

and servants: William Baunche 24

Jude Donley

Martha Wilder of Shiplake, Oxon, spinster

Accompanied by:

her daughter: Mary

? relationship: Augustin Bearce 20

Martha Keene 60

John Keene 17

Elizabeth Keene

Martha Keene

Josias Keene

Sarah Keene


John Benson of Coversham [Caversham], Oxon, husbandman 30, Settled Hingham

Accompanied by:

his wife: Mary

their children: John 3

Mary 1


William Ilsley, 26, of Nether Wallop Hants, Shoemaker, Settled Newbury

Accompanied by:

his wife: Barbara

servant: Phillip Davis 12

? relationship: John Ilsley 24, shoemaker, Settled Salisbury


Joseph Parker, 24, of Newbury, [Berks], tanner, Settled Newbury


Sarah Osgood, of Horrell [Wherwell] Hants, spinster, Settled Newbury

Accompanied by:

Sarah Osgood 9

John Osgood 7

Mary Osgood 5

Elizabeth Osgood 3

William Osgood and William Jones, children under 1 l

servant: Margery Parke


John Ludwell, 50

Accompanied by:

servants: Henry Hangert 40

David Wheeler 11


Richard Bidgood, of Romsey, [Hants], merchant, Settled Boston


Transcriber's Notes:
* An asterisk indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not
 the transcriber, or is used to call your attention to additional information
 in the transcriber's notes.
* Information as stated in the "columns represent" section is listed for each
 passenger when provided.
Contributor's Notes:

Additional research indicates that John Osgood, the husband of Sarah Osgood was
aboard the Confidence although not listed on the manifest. Earlier in 1638 he
had petitioned his monarch as a yeoman (therefore paid taxes to the monarch) to
be allowed to leave for New England. As no response had been received by 23
March 1638 he obtained the services of the headmaster of Winchester School to
write to a friend at court on his behalf enquiring as to the status of his
application (this document is held at the PRO Kew). Despite not being listed
on the manifest, John Osgood is documented as being chairman of a committee in
Newbury in late 1638 and was made a freeman of Massachusetts in early 1639,
finally settling in Andover in 1645 where he and Sarah raised three more
children. Of the individuals listed on the manifest it would appear that
Richard Bidgood was the most likely alias of John Osgood during the voyage.
*In some cases the grouping of the 'family units' has to be treated with some
caution as it is known that John Sanders (also known as Saunders) and his
'servants' was in fact a religious group escaping to the 'freedom' of the New

** John Eastman may have changed his occupation and rank due to political reasons.
Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 21
It is also interesting that other members of the Osgood and Kent families had
preceded John and Sarah Osgood: Christopher Ogood and his wife Margery Osgood
sailed from Southampton to New England in the 'Mary and John' on 24 Mar 1634 
and settled in Ipswich with Richard Kent, Mrs Jane Kent and their children Mary
and Richard. I guess there could have been quite a party when they all met up
again in the New World.
Correspondence 26 March 2001:

Agnes Bent, daughter of John and Martha Bent, was born ca. 1631. She married
Deacon Edward Rice, ca 1647. Edward was a son of Deacon Edmund Rice and 
Thomasine (Frost) Rice. Edmund and Thomasine are the 9th Great-Grandparents
of Sharon Hartmann Krisko.
More information about Deacon Edmund Rice and his descendants
can be found at: Edmund Rice (1638) Association.
Correspondence 04/27/01 Passengers Taynter and Guy
My ancestors weere on the ship "Confidence", they were Nicholas Guy 
and Joseph Taynter (Tainter).
Joseph Taynter married Mary Guy and settled in Watertown, Ma. 
There is a book on this family called "History and Genealogy of the 
Descendants of Joseph Taynter, who sailed from England April, A.D. 1638 
and settled in Watertown, Mass. Prepared by Dean W. Tainter in 1859.
Correspondence 4/21/02 passenger Tainter/Taynter
I have located ancestors on the passenger list for the ship "Confidence." 
I am a descendant of Joseph Tainter, Mary Guy, Nicholas Guy and Jane. 
In addition to the book "History and Genealogy of the Descendants of 
Joseph Taynter", who sailed from England April, A.D. 1638 and settled 
in Watertown, Mass. Prepared by Dean W. Tainter in 1859, I have a 
chart that was prepared by another ancestor at the turn of the century. 
This chart lists several of the decendants. Laurel
Correspondence 07/03/01 passenger Wallington (also see correspondence 08/21/02)
You have a Nicholas Wellington (poor boy)listed as a servant for a 
Richard Kent. He is my great great great great great great grandfather. 
He changed his name to Wallingford the moment his feet touched American 
soil, or so it seems. He was a Master Mariner and married a
Sarah Travers (or Travis) and they had 13 children. 
John born 9/6/1655
Nicholas born 1/2/1657
John II born 4/7/1659
_______ born 5/20/1661
Mary born 8/29/1663
James born 10/6/1665
Hannah born 11/27/1667
William born 2/27/1670
Joseph born 4/20/1672
Elizabeth born 6/23/1674
Ester born 6/8/1676
*Benjamin born 6/27/1678 (This is my great great great
great great grandfather)
Abigail 6/24/1680
Nicholas left home in 1681 and never again returned home. He is thought 
to have been killed by Barbery Corsier n/k/a pirates as attested to by 
his wife when she went to collect his pension.
Christine Christensen-Wallingford

Correspondence 08/21/02 passenger Wallingford
Information on Nicholas Wallingford
Forth Child was Sarah Wallingford b: 5/20/1661 and I believe William 
was born in 1669 not 1670.
Benjamin (my distant grandfather) died in 1733 in Anne Arundel Co. Maryland.
This according to my cousin who has been researching our family history 
for the last 25 yrs. Elizabeth W
Correspondence 2/14/02 passenger Wilder
I just found a book on FTM, "Descendents of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth, 
Mass.". Compiled by Mary LeBaron Stockwell. The excerpt below appears to 
be the Martha and Mary on the Confedence Ships list on your site. 
(*)The following notes on Edward Wilder are from the "Book of the Wilders,"
and the "History of Hingham." Edward, son of Thomas and Martha Wilder of
Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England, b. 1623 (?); d. Oct. 28, 1690; m. April,
1651, Elizabeth, dau. of Anthony Eames [Ames], of Hingham, d. June 9, 1692.
He was in Hingham, Massachusetts Bay, in November, 1638, on the arrival of
his mother from England, in the ship Confldence, from the port of
Southampton. He remained in Hingham, and was made a freeman in 1645.
Children [order uncertain]: John, b. 1653, d. April 11, 1724, m. Rebecca
(???): Elizabeth, b. 1655, m. July 16, 1673, Israel Fearing: Ephraim, d.
Oct. 21, 1690: Isaac, d. Sept. 26, 169-, m. Mary Whiton: Abia, m. William
Clark: Mehitable, 
m. Joseph Warren: Anna: Abigail, d. June 6, 1718: Hannah, b. Mar. 6, 1666, 
d. 1690: Mary, b. April 7, 1668, m. 1696, Francis LeBaron: Jabez, b. 1671,
May 21, 1731, m. Mary Ford. The "History of Hingham" says: Widow Martha 
Wilder, mother of Edward, probably came from Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England.
Edward Wilder was a soldier in the war against King Philip. The author of
the "History of Hingham" calls Anthony Eames "of Marshfield." See also
Barber's "Hist. Colls.," p. 506, "Hingham."
Bushy Hartman

Correspondence 4/10/02 passenger Richard NEWTON??
I have a handwritten account of an ancestor having arrived on 
the Confidence. His name was Richard Newton. He does not appear on the 
transcribed list on ISTG. His name, again according to the handwritten 
account, first appeared in 1639 and was one of the original Proprietors 
of Sudbury. Can someone help us with a source for this information so
we can add his name to the list?? Jean McLean
 Correspondence added 11 March 2007, passenger EASTMAN
My ancestor, Roger Eastman (spelled Estman in our family records) came over on this
ship in 1638. He was a servant of John Cole. Two brothers came with him; one went to 
Philadelphia and the other to Georgia. I am hoping to find relatives of the two brothers.
Ramona Johnson

'Confidence' passenger list held at PRO Kew: C01/9/99.

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Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild


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