Estate of George Corles (Corliss) of Haverhill
Essex Probate Docket # 6348  


The Will of George Corlie October 18, 1686:

Being weak in bodye but well in minde, and not knowing how it may please God to Deal with me, do make my will as followeth: Do commit my Soul to God that gave it me and to Jesus Christ that hath Delivered it! O lord my god most true, and my bodye to the earth.
I give to my son John the farme that he lives on with two commonages and my lower Spicket meadow and my meadow at polocy, and my landye at west meadows;
only my wife is to have a quarter part of that I was to have of my son John; and that in kind as I was to have; that is to say half of that in everything as I was to have in kind and as long as she lives; and that she shall have liberty to enjoy that hous that I lived in long as she lives if she pleas;
also I give to my son John have the 4th devishom and a 2 commonages belonging to the west medow land.
To my Daughter Mary Nef I give the land that my Son Nef lives on and to her children born of her body; forever; and the pond medow; and one commonage;
and my Daughter Johanna huckns I give to her 2 hundred acres of land and 4 acres of midow of policy and 2 cows; my Son Joseph huckins ded engage to me that if I wood give him a claame of that land he wood make over to my daughter his wife and her children his hous and land upon the hill; and it is my will that this shall be confirmed to him I wood be be done at once that this house and land, or that which may be secured.
And to my Daughter Debora Esman (Eastman)* I give to my son and Daughter esman half the upper Spicket medow and a one comonage
for my Son and Daughter Robe I give a parcel of land I recovered of my brother by law Davis and 2 commonages.
And my Son and daughter martha lad I give them 30 acres of land at west medow that I have possess him of and one comon already
and my son and daughter hulka kinsbery I give them 30 acres and a comon at the west medow that I have posest them of
and for my daughter Sarah Corley I give her one cow and 2 sheep and half the uper Spicket medow; and one comon and half the 4 devishon; and one swine;
I give; I give to my son John half that ox that he hath poss of--further I order my Son John to pay all my debts and for my housold stuff and 2 calfs and my sheep and one cow and cloths that I leave to my wife to dispos of as she shal pleas. To my son John I pray you be dutiful to your mother and to fulfill this oblygations to her that you and I agree or you fail your oblygations that is between you and I other my son Joth so that my will be fulfilled.

Signed: George Corlis

John Tennie Elizabeth Worcester Jn Tennie and Elizabeth Worcester did upon oath affirm'd that George Corlee did sign and declare this to be his last will. Taken before the worship Jno Woodbridge Esq. & Capt. Richard Dunn, Esq. This 23rd Nove. 1686 as shoen.
A.D. 1686 November 23 Recorded
D. Davision, Clerk

Abigail Caly was present & Sarah Calingfor.


Source: "The Corliss Family" by Lillian M. Criss, p. 11(1958)

 * Daughter Deborah Corliss was married to Thomas Eastman