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EASTMAN FAMILY - DOWNTON, WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND. --------------------------------------------------------------- -------




2.1.1604 Base son of Judith Eastman and Henry Hatchet

20.1.1680 Nicholas son of George Eastman

Alice daughter of William of Weeke

Alice d of John

11.9.1620 Alexander s of Nicholas

9.8.1635 Barbara d of Thomas and Debra

16.12.1635 Barbara d of John and Margaret

24.11.1622 Christine d of Nicholas

22.8.1629 Christine d of John

 22.5.1643 Deborah d of Thomas and deborah

10.10.1610 Elizabeth d of William of Weeke (Weeke is a hamlet now known as Wick)

30.4.1626 Elizabeth d of Thomas

26.8.1609 Greeneway s of William

 31.10.1619 Griffin s of William

16.1.1604 Henry s of Roger

1.5.1622 Hughe s of William

12.10.1624 Joane d of Thomas

21.6.1602 June Margaret d of Roger

21.6.1602 ? d of Henry

29.1.1603 Johan d of John

27.10.1605 Richard s of William

27.4.1638 Dorothy d of Thomas

22.5.1644 John s of John

10.6.1641 Joshua s of Thomas and Alice

14.6.1607 Joyce d of William

30.12.1639 Joyce d of Richard and Dorothy

23.8.1607 Thomas s of William of Weeke