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Bright Life Farms

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that the mentally or developmentally challenge adults should have the right to develop independent living skills, become productive citizens, maintain an attitude of self worth, attain their highest degrees of mental, spiritual, physical and vocational achievement, and most importantly, participate as members of a family. In addition to providing family living and work opportunities to these adults, Bright Life Farms offer a safe and loving environment designed to give the families of residents a positive alternative when home care is no longer possible.

Our Place

Bright Life Farms is located at 10200 Farmersville Road in Caldwell County, Kentucky. On the farm there will be four houses with 6 residents and 2 residential parents. Residential parents will be responsible for supervision, meals, rules, assignment of chores and overall resident care. Each parent will be fully trained in the needs and cares of mentally handicapped adults. They will be Christian individuals and will follow the leadership of God in their lives with this very special population.

Bright Life Farms has a multi-purpose building and greenhouse. The multi-purpose building includes kitchen facilities, a recreational area for basketball, exercise and games, and a shower room, also included is an area for the sale of produce which is grown on 27 acres. Crops include tomatoes, sweet corn, watermelons, cantaloupe, and pumpkins. fruit and nut trees are planted to provide long term production. The greenhouse is used for hydroponic plants as well as for bedding plants.

Pictures of Us

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