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Miss Angie Johnson

School Year 2004-2005


Course Description

Algebra: This course is designed to have students explore the concepts of Algebra that include: data analysis, algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities and functions.  Mathematical vocabulary, graphing calculator skills, and activities, real life applications, and data analysis will also be integrated into this course.

Materials Required

Students are required to bring two sharpened pencils, red pen, loose-leaf paper, and a red math notebook to class each day.  Students will also be required to bring their text book, Glencoe algebra: Concepts and Applications and workbook to class every day, unless otherwise advised.  Upon request students may also need to bring graph paper, ruler, protractor, compass, or a calculator to class.


-To prepare students for high school Algebra

-To generalize mathematical concepts and apply them to real life situations.

-To increase students' critical thinking and problem solving skills

-To increase students' mathematical language and vocabulary


-Students will participate in minute math, board work, class work, homework, quizzes, and tests to utilize acquired mathematical skills and concepts.

-Students will participate in group work (small and large groups) to learn, practice, and apply mathematical skills

-Students will complete projects that involve mathematical skills and concepts learned in class


There will be daily homework to be completed  and checked the following day, to practice the concepts learned each day in class. Homework completion is extremely important in learning and mastering the concepts taught each day.  There will also be weekly quizzes to asses the students' understanding of concepts learned each week.  Organization is key to success in  math; therefore students must keep a math notebook showing all work neat and complete including all corrections.  There may not be any other subjects included in this notebook.

Assessment Criteria

-Test will be given after the completion of the chapter, and students will have a review day before each test to help them prepare for the test.

-All projects will be assessed by a rubric that will be provided to the student to show what elements are required in the project

-Group work will be assessed on a group basis and individual basis, to ensure that all members who participate will receive credit.

Methods of Evaluation




-Math Notebook

-Class work, Board work

-Project Completions



Course Description

The course is designed to lead the students on a journey toward a greater understanding of our church, religious beliefs, and traditions.  The student's textbook serves as a guide for this learning experience.  The students will also prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation during this course.

Materials Required

Students are required to bring a pen, loose-leaf paper, and a yellow notebook to class every day.  Students will also need their text book, Blest are We: The Story of Our Church to class each day unless told otherwise.  Students may also need to bring art supplies upon request.


-To explore and understand our religious beliefs and traditions

-To understand and prepare fully for the Sacrament of Confirmation


-Students will participate in class work, homework, essays, and tests, to guide the students in their understanding of our religious beliefs and traditions.

-Students will participate in group work to learn and understand the beliefs and traditions.

-Students will prepare a prayer service for class and lead the class in prayer on their assigned day.


There will be homework assigned for the following day that may include reading, writing, and research.  There will also be tests given at the completions of a chapter in the book.  Students will prepare a service that requires them to bring a prayer, song, and scripture reading.

Methods of Evaluation

-Homework and Class work

-Quizzes and Tests

-Projects/ Essays

-Prayer Services and Participation

My Responsibilities as your Teacher

-Treat you with respect and care as an individual

-To provide you an orderly classroom environment

-To provide the necessary discipline 

-To provide the appropriate motivation

-To teach the required content

Your Responsibilities as My Student 

-To treat others and me with respect and care as an individual

-To attend class regularly 

-To be cooperative and not disruptive

-To Study and do your work (SUCCESS= EFFORT)

-To learn and master the required content

Class Rules

-Be Respectful

-Be Responsible

-Be a Peace Builder

-Bring Miss Johnson lots of gifts, (Just seeing if you were paying attention!!)

Make-up Work

Make up work will only be given for excused absences and the due date will be determined by the amount of work that needs to be completed.  The student is responsible for finding out what work needs to be made up.

Late Assignment

Students are required to turn in all work on time.  When an assignment is late students are expected to complete the assignment and turn it in the following day.  Each day the assignment is late will result in deduction of points.  The deduction value will be based on the assignment's point value.  The student is responsible for turning in this work.  I will not ask for it the next day.

eXtra Credit

eXtra Credit will be given at the discretion of the teacher.


I Angie Johnson, reserve the right to alter this syllabus, as I deem necesary.