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Sample Science Report

John Doe

8H/8J Science

Mr. Huelsman

23 September 2002


How a Science Report should look



·         Students don’t know how a Science Report should look.

·         The instructor knows how a Science Report should look.


Hypothesis: After reviewing this sample worksheet, students should have a better understanding of writing

      a good Science Report.


Variables: IV (Independent Variable) – Students review this worksheet.

                   DV (Dependent Variable) – Students make better Science Reports.

                   CV (Control Variable) – All the students are from Mr. Huelsman’s Science class.

                                                                All the students have a copy of the sample report.

                                                                All the students review the sample report.



·         Mr. Huelsman’s students.

·         Copies of sample report for each student.



1)       Gather all of Mr. Huelsman’s students together in a classroom for Science class.

2)       Handout copies of ‘How a Science Report should look’ to all the students.

3)       Go over the worksheet along with all the students.

4)       Answer any questions of confusion/uncertainty.




# of students that reviewed the worksheet

# of students that made a good Science Report




Analysis/ Interpretation of Data:

Calculation: 20/23 = .869

                     .869 x 100 = 86.9%


                 86.9% of students that reviewed the worksheet made a good Science report.


Discussion of Results/ Conclusions:

            Based on the data provided, it can be proven that by reviewing this sample worksheet, students can make better Science Reports for Mr. Huelsman’s class. The reasoning behind this conclusion can be seen in the 86.9% success rate of students who studied the sample report and using it as a model for their own reports. Even though this experiment was a success, more testing needs to be done in order to determine if this hypothesis can be stated as a fact. Other questions that can be asked are whether or not this sample report can be used successfully in other Science classes in High School and in College. Further testing and perhaps some field study will be needed in order to determine the answers to these quest