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Modeling Tips

Welcome to my modeling tips page. Contained here are links to diagrams on How To Make Hinges For Your Model, how to hook up a bedlift, 64 Impala Dancer Setup, Styrene Chassis Setup, as well as a Diagram Of Motors. I will try to get more tips and diagrams on here when time permits. Thanks for visiting my site!
Click Here For A Diagram On How To Hook Up A Bedlift
Click Here For A Diagram On How To Wire 6 Prong Toggle Switches
Click Here For A Diagram Of A Styrene Chassis
Click Here For A Diagram Of Different Sized Mabuchi Motors
Click Here For A Diagram Of A 64 Impala Dancer Chassis (No Interior)
Click Here For An Article On How To Make Realistic Hydraulic Cylinders
Click Here For An Article On How To Make Door And Hood Hinges
REMOVING GLUE SPOTS FROM WINDOWS-Sand area with 400 grit sandpaper then with 600 grit. Take a rubbing compound and rub it into the window until the window is clear.
FOR A NICE SMOOTH PAINT JOB-You can us a food dehydrater as a fast way of drying. Cut a hole in the top shelf and you can set the car right on the second rack and place all the little parts on the side of the top rack.
TO TINT WINDOWS-Take unused camera film and cut it to desired size. Lay the film over window but under frame.
TO DARK TINT WINDOWS-Paint the inside of the windows with either flat or gloss black paint.
FOR LOW PROFILE TIRES-Take small "O"-rings and slip them over rim.
TO MAKE CHROME PARTS LOOK GOLD PLATED-Mix clear yellow(85%) with clear orange(15%). Paint over parts then rinse.(Tamiya clear acrylic paints work great!)
TO OPEN UP DOORS, TRUNKS, ETC...-Use sewing thread and work it back and forth in a sawing motion. This method creates very fine cut lines.
TO CREATE A MIRROR-LIKE FINISH-Turn down the pressure on your compressor to about 8-9psi. Open up the air brush nozzle to a large setting. Spray the model about 3 inches away. (It helps if your paint is warm, and the weather is also warm.) When you have all your coats on, put several clear coats on. Sand lightly (not sanding through clear coats) with 1200 grit sandpaper. Polish it with a safe rubbing compound. You can even us car wax.
TO "BLACK WASH" CHROME PARTS-Paint over grooved areas with a blackwash (thinned flat black paint) or with "The Detailer" black wash.
TO REMOVE PAINT-Spray model with oven cleaner such as Easy Off, then take an old toothbrush and scrub away the paint.
TO REMOVE DECALS-Lay damp rag over decals for a while. Dry. Stick scotch tape over decal and remove.
TO MAKE SMALL SPRINGS-Use a small diameter, uncoated, wire and rap it around the back end of a small drill bit creating a coil, this is also a good technique for makeing small hinges for doors,trunks ect.
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