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tequila sunrise
This is my lowrider model truck, "Tequila Sunrise." It is a 1978 Chevy Stepside Shortbed. It is painted a purple pearl metalflake. All of the work i did myself, it took me about a month and a half to complete. It is a bed dancer, the bed goes up, spins around, and falls back down. I made the "scissor lift" myself out of thin flat plastic, using brass bolts. The frame for the truck is completely custom made, all out of styrene and brass. The motor used to pull the bed up is a #260 mabuchi. The motor used to make the bed spin is a really small square motor used for miniature carassels.It is sitting on chrome daytons with gold knock offs, and white wall tires all by Hoppin Hydros.
This is my 1993 Chevy Caprice, its sold but its still in our car club, another member bought it from me
here's my frame from my mercedes convertible i'm building, i did the chrome and gold work myself
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