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Kandy Lac

Its a 1/24 scale 78 Cadillac Coupe De Ville (plastic promo). its got flip flop paint (magenta to gold) but i have seen it turn these colors: purple, maroon, red, a goldish yellow, orange, and a lime green color. the paint job has real nice metalflake in it also. its got 6 spring back toggle switches and 6 motors. 2 of the motors are big bad johnsons (to hop the front and rear) and the other 4 are mabuchi HO's to pose front, back, side to side, and 3 wheel. altogether this car will hop front and back, bunny hop, see saw, pose the back, pose front, pose side to side, and pose 3 wheel. its sitting on chrome and gold daytons from hoppin hydros with pegasus hobbies white wall are the pics of it. NOW SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!
Caddy Movie 1
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